Thursday, April 6, 2017


So I have found myself in a situation where I have myself in a horrible book hangover! I haven't really enjoyed a book since I read The Girl on the Train By Rachel Hawkins. That book sucked me in and I enjoyed it so much and since than I really Haven't enjoyed a book! I have read plenty just not LOVED them as much as that book! So this week my plan is to read 1. Some graphic novels to hopefully pull me out of it 2. I have some fluffy books (mainly Kasie West) to read to review! As you guys can see I have deleted several of my reviews to my books because i just wasnt happy with them so I also plan to work on my reviews on Caraval, My Not So Perfect Life and I'm about to start Truthwitch so I will have some good reviews hopefully by sunday for yall! Hope you are having a fantastic week!!

Until Later

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